Therapists for Black Girls & Therapists For Black Males

The Black Speakers Institute

Professional Speakers for Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Consultation

Professional Speaking Services


Workshops & Webinars

Mental Health Training

Holistic Wellness

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultation

We serve organizations and individuals.

Whether you need a Speaker for Training, Workshop, Webinar or other event, or you need Diversity Equity and Inclusion expertise to assess and plan DEI needs with your organization- we have the right person for you!

If you or a family member need a therapist that "gets" you as a member of the BIPOC community....we have the right therapist for you.  

We believe the proven fact that the best way to reduce or avoid bias in mental health care and other professional settings, is to provide educated, informed providers, and ideally providers who are from the same backgrounds as the clients being served. We LIVE that!

We offer mental health care targeted at meeting the needs of Black and Brown communities.

This includes both male and female Black and Brown providers!

We offer Individual, Couples and Family therapy. 

We provide Life Coaching.

We also provide Speaking Services.

This includes:

  • Professional Speakers!
  • Workshops & Webinars!
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Expertise, Consultation, Planning and more!

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