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Amira Martin Crawford, LCSW-R
CEO & Founder of MA Therapy, LLC

Amira Martin Crawford, LCSW-R, CEO & Founder of MA Therapy, LLC is a Black Women Entrepreneur, Licensed Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker, and Passionate Advocate for Black and Brown communities.  

Propelled by her own challenges with teenage motherhood, family substance abuse and family mental health issues as well as the struggles and triumphs of the Black and Brown communities she was raised in, Amira was inspired to become a Social Worker. 

She graduated with a BA in Social Work in 2001, and MSW at  Hunter College School of Social Work in 2002.

She has built a solid career in the field of Social Work and Mental Health. Her work, advocacy and activism has been infused with anti-racism ideals and practices throughout her career. Amira has worked as  a mental health therapist hospital and clinical mental health settings. She began her anti-racism work with race and diversity roles in 2007. She has since directed multiple programs and continues to teach as an adjunct professor and advisor within schools of social work and in colleges.

The creation of MA Therapy was in direct response to her continued growth and ambition as well as her desire to return to more direct participation in the healing of her community. 

She started MA Therapy, LLC in September 2011, as a small private practice where she provided mental health counseling to a small caseload of clients. She created a special division of MA Therapy called Therapists For Black Girls in February 2017, with one other social worker. By 2020 Therapists For Black Girls had over 30 Black and Brown women therapists. In 2021 Amira started another division, Therapists For Black Males, which currently serves Black and Brown boys and men. Through these two divisions, MA Therapy provides about 1,000 therapy sessions each month and has expanded into various parts of NYS, Maryland and New Jersey. 

Throughout her career, she has enjoyed engaging in Speaking, Workshops, Trainings and Seminars with a focus on the mental health, social justice and overall needs of Black and Brown communities. This led to the creation of a third division of MA Therapy earlier this year called The Black Speakers Institute. 

When she isn't busy running her business or creating new plans, Amira is busy being a mother to her children Harison, Elias and Sarah, a Meema to Aidan and Nathan, and a loving and devoted sister, partner, auntie and friend. 

            Amira Martin Crawford

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